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Bath Beans are made especially for kids, so of course they are safe and non-toxic.They are so mild that they are gentle even on babies' skin. They are soap-free and contain no preservatives. They are also free from allergenic fragrances. They have been tested for European Safety standards and carry the CE Mark.

Suitable for children aged 3+: Small parts, Choking Hazard

Most kids under 3 like to put small things in their mouths. The sponges are small and some kids like to chew on them. This is why we have a warning. (If in doubt, always apply parental supervision during bath time.)

Bath Beans come all the way from Cape Town, South Africa and are original in design and concept. The Bean People focus on job creation therefore all products are hand-made - from the cutting of the shapes, to the colouring and stuffing of the shapes into their tiny capsules. Beans are also 100% hand-moulded. They employ women from the local community, as well as special needs adults. Next year they will open up a non-profit school for the children of their staff.

Bath Beans are each designed for a one-time fun-filled colourful bath. The sponges are good quality and can be used over and over for memories that will last a lifetime.

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